Cardiff no more

Unfortunately, and against our wishes, we won’t be playing Cardiff on the 6th September.  We were due to play the Buffalo Bar but it has recently gone through some staff changes including the person who booked the bands, and nobody has responded to our phone calls and emails.  It’s a shame, as we were looking forward to the gig but our only option is to change our plans and stay another night in the city we are playing the night before which just happens to be Paris – only making the best out of a bad situation!

And a reminder that as well as Paris we’re also playing Bristol on Saturday 7th September.

Suicide Dots blog image

Finally, here’s some reviews of our second album that we haven’t linked to on the website yet: Greek blog Suicide Dots (where picture above comes from), Italian blog Frigopop, Scottish newspaper The Daily Record, Japanese blog Pop Sweets Mystery, French blog Merseyside and Norman Records online shop.  We’re also pleased to have Symbolic Violence recommended by Tom, who is a bit of a legend when it comes to indiepop reviews but who now questions the need for reviews in an age when people can listen for themselves so easily – a sentiment that’s hard to argue with!