Should all festivals finish on Saturday?

…Just a thought after having a such a splendid time at Berlin Popfest this weekend.  One of the highlights was the Saturday night disco which went on till around 5 – people were dancing right up until the last tune (with Pulp’s Do you remember the first time being the biggest early-morning floor filler) which meant the Popfest ended on a high.  After such a great line up (yes, including us!) there was a real feeling of things culminating to a head instead of  winding down for work the next day, which sometimes seems to be the case when things finish on a Sunday.

Suffice to say, we enjoyed ourselves, and look forward to hopefully returning to Germany soon.

We also got our hands on copies of the new compilation from Firestation Records  (our most recent label), featuring a demo of our song Riches to Rags, which was recorded in the build up to recording Symbolic Violence.  It didn’t make the cut but that we’re glad to get the opportunity to do something with it.  Click on the image below for more details on this mighty 90-song compilation.


Lastly, we should make a belated quick mention of last month’s Nottingham Indiepop All-dayer which we also had a great time at.  We may not have discovered  the backstage ‘green room’ until 5 minutes from the end, but at least that meant we got to spend more time dancing there too.

Manchester next!