Pop – the question

The Glad Cafe in Glasgow was the location of the marvellous Pop!South Weekender over the weekend just past.  We headlined the Friday night, airing two new songs (Party on Your Own and Short Notice) in the process.  Got some really good feedback, including for the new songs which is encouraging.  There were plenty of other bands to enjoy as well, and well done to Pop!South for putting on another succesful indiepop event in the south side! One thing that seems to help is that (like the last gig we played before this, Copenhagen Popfest) they put on music they really like rather than restricting the lineup to a particular genre.

Over drinks at the bar, more than one person asked why bands at festivals like the Pop!South Weekender aren’t more well-known, and it’s a question often asked at indiepop events.  Saying that, it’ll be a question fans of every niche genre ask about their favourite acts.  A better question is why, when there’s so much great music out there, some seemingly average music ends up being so big.  Maybe something to discuss at the next gig!*

*We’ll mostly be working on more new songs over coming months, so the next gig might not actually be too soon.