Northern European Escapades

Our next gig will be in Copenhagen on Thursday 5th May at Huset i Magstræde.  The club has the slightly unusual title of Don’t Stop the Pop Weasel and we’re playing with Le Man Avec Les Lunettes and The Roadside Poppies.

Then we’re heading South to Hamburg to play a club called Hit the North at Prinzenbar. That’s on Saturday 7th May and Tripping the Light Fantastic will also be playing.  You can find out more here.

German speakers may be interested to read an an extensive review of our Paris gig.  And if you don’t speak German there’s still some pictures and links to videos.

The one thing we haven’t decided is what to do on Friday as we’d love to explore both Hamburg and Copenhagen but unfortunately only have time for one.  Please contact us if you have any recommendations!