Second album news

Happy to announce that we are booked into CaVa Sound for 10 days in Glasgow at the end of July to record The Felt Tips second album.  Living and Growing was recorded in CaVa too, and not only did we have a great time recording there but they did an excellent job capturing our sound so well.  Therefore, we had little difficulty deciding to go back there this time.

Amongst the 14 songs being considered for the album are: Iron Lady, Lyrics by Lennon and Secret Garden, all of which have been part of our live set in recent gigs.  Once we’ve recorded the album we’ll agree with a label to release it and, realistically, it should be out next year.  We have our own ideas about who we’d like to release with, although we would encourage any interested labels to get in touch.

Finally, we gratefully acknowledge support from Creative Scotland in part-financing the recording.  There are valid debates to be had about where our taxes should best be spent.  One thing we are sure of, however, is that our music will benefit humanity more in the long term than will the publicly bailed-out UK financial sector.

We’ll keep you updated  xx