The Felt Tips began to form in late 2005 when Miguel Navarro arrived in Glasgow from Spain hoping to start a band and replied to Andrew Paterson’s 18 month old ad for band members.  Previously botched attempts meant that Andrew had pretty much given up on his own dreams of being in a band and he was at first reluctant to meet up. Fortunately Miguel persisted and soon the pair had formed a strong musical bond, aided by a shared love of witty and melodic indiepop bands (for instance, both regularly wore Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci t-shirts).  Andrew’s childhood friend Neil soon joined on bass and the quartet was completed in 2008 with the arrival of Kevin ‘Hug’ Carroll on drums.  The band played in and around Glasgow for a while and released 3 singles on indiepop labels Cloudberry and Weepop.

In 2010, The Felt Tips released their Scottish Arts Council funded album, Living and Growing, on Plastilina Records.   This was followed up in 2013 with the band’s second album, Symbolic Violence, released by Firestation Records.   These albums helped the quartet to gain increased recognition within the international indiepop scene as one of the most musically exciting and lyrically engaging bands around. As a result, The Felt Tips regularly get played, and get to play, all over the world.

The Felt Tips play melodic guitar driven songs about your life – like that time you fumbled around with a condom in your darkened bedroom while trying to keep the mood alive.  Well, The Felt Tips were there watching you.