On the Threshold

On the threshold; lights play on the dancefloor
Casting into question a life’s conformity
Caroline is spinning round in circles
And partially formed impressions unfold enticingly
And unsurprisingly your wedding ring has lost its power as a deterrent
While hidden in the pocket of your jeans
Not until you crossed over the ocean
Did thoughts of such a nature develop in your mind
Caroline has broken from her circle
As doubts over intentions begin to vaporise
But whether she is after you or trying to make somebody jealous
You’re happy to be carried by the tide
Where were you when I was ten years younger?
On the threshold youth is much too fleeting
And chances for excitement so few and far between
And Caroline may move in different circles
That you would have no patience for ordinarily
But suddenly the songs that should by all rights scare you from the dancefloor
Are summing up exactly how you feel
Where were you when I was twenty-one?