Confessions of a Teenage Bully

Do you remember the sights and sounds
Of screams in the playground in autumnal sunshine?
Where it all began, and I subjected you to a
Sustained, prolonged, campaign of psychological bullying
I still remember the look of terror whenever our eyes met
I sensed your weakness, your feeble meekness, which made me dislike you
And take yourself back to the school canteen
Me one year older over your shoulder
Didn’t I make you cry in front of all those watching eyes?
And names may not mean much but they’ll kill you with a thousand cuts
My main attraction was your reaction of fearful compliance
I kept you silent with threats of violence towards you and your family
And I expect it’s too late to say sorry
Do you remember?
And yet the worst thing is when I look back to all of it
There’s no explanation