Xmas Release

The release date came
It was Christmas time
So you drove him home for his favourite meal
And you said to him son it’s good to have you home
And he looked at you and said I won’t be staying long
You said we spent two weeks doing up your room
And we baked a cake and put up balloons
And you’re throwing it back in our faces son
What have they done to you that you would do this to your mum?
He said Mum, you watch too much soaps is all I can say
You’ve another thing coming if you’re hoping I’ll stay
So he sat a while without saying a thing
And he took one bite and put his shoes back on
And you said to him you should stay at home
And he mumbled back I’d rather go out on my own
Which made you snap
Do you know how long we’ve been worried sick you’ll go straight back in?
Here’s a chance for you so don’t throw it away
At the very least stay out of trouble for your mum
He said Mum, I’ve had it to here with being told what to do
I need some release and I won’t get that with you
Outside your window the snow was falling without a sound
But it was melting as soon as it landed on the ground
So the release date came
The release date went
And he stayed a while without paying rent
And before too long he was back inside
And what happens next, your guess is just as good as mine